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13 Interesting Facts About Chocolates That Will Make You Fall In Love With Them!

While we don’t really need reasons to love chocolates, the following facts related to them will make you want to grab one right now and some may just help you learn more about them Chocolates are made from cacao beans that are roasted and cracked Cacao beans have an intense bitter taste, which is why […]

What Are the Four Types of Chocolate?

What Are the Four Types of Chocolate? Chocolate is a delicious treat that people enjoy throughout the world. The word chocolate doesn’t just encapsulate a single item, as there are many different types of chocolate products, all of which are significantly different. However, there are four main categories, so let’s take a look at the […]

5 Reasons Chocolate Is the Best Treat Ever

1. It’s loaded with antioxidants Wanna know the truth about chocolate? Not all kinds of chocolate are created equal. Dark chocolate is the reigning champion of the sweet treats due to its numerous health benefits packed into the one tiny cocoa bean, but there are still some awesome benefits to go around in the entire […]

20 Health Benefits Of Chocolate

Chocolate is regarded as an indulgent treat because it is mainly associated with weight gain and acne. Americans spend $10 billion annually on chocolaty treats. It is not all bad news as countless studies show dark chocolate has many health benefits. Here are 20 you may not know about and which will help you to […]

This is your brain on Chocolate

Spend enough time on the internet, or watching daytime TV, or even the local news, and you’ll probably end up hearing about the latest scientific study telling you your favourite guilty pleasure food is actually good for you. A month later, you may find out about another study telling you that same food is really, really […]

Chocolate for Life

Not too long ago, studies absolved chocolate of causing acne, cavities and high cholesterol levels. But one study goes even further, suggesting that chocolate may be one of the most functional foods out there, even a great brain saver. Of course, you don’t need any persuading that it’s probably the most delicious as well. Chocolate […]


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